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The Peel Aldergate, is a family owned and run 4 star guest accommodation and restaurant offering guests over 40 years experience in the hotel and catering industry.

Both The Peel and Christopher’s Restaurant are the pride and joy of husband and wife hospitality duo Chris and Pauline who have shared their passion with their grown up children, Christopher and Sarah, who bring a touch of modernity and trend alongside their parents experience to revitalise this historic town guest accommodation and restaurant.

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Christopher grew up in the family business and went on to follow his passion, music, working all over the world (and stayed in hundreds of hotels) after he graduated at The Royal Academy of Music as a trombonist.

Returning with tales of adventure, culture, cooking and hotel stays, Chris wanted to put some of his experiences back into the family business and now looks after Marketing, PR and Development.


Favourite room at the Peel Aldergate:

The Ground Floor Double

Favourite meal at Christopher's:

Garlic King Prawns and Sirloin Steak



Pauline, also started off in the hotel and restaurant industry at a very early age and met her now husband when she was 17 at The Moor Hall Hotel.

Pauline, a natural hostess started off getting to know guests on Reception and has over the years crafted her customer service skills alongside the changing industry but always insists a warm welcoming smile is how to make a guest feel welcome.

Alongside her husband Chris, Pauline has enjoyed a lifetime of greeting guests, entertaining them, and serving them exquisite food and drink and loves nothing more than welcoming new and old faces at The Peel Aldergate.


Favourite room at the Peel Aldergate:

The Bridal Suite

Favourite meal at Christopher's:

Nightingale's pork pie and ham ploughmans

chris and pol


Chris S. Gill started off his career in hospitality at the one and only The Savoy Hotel at the age of 16 and knows a thing or two about being a hotelier!

Progressing quickly through the ranks, Chris Senior returned back to the Midlands to take up a Head Chef position at nearby The Moor Hall Hotel in Sutton Coldfield at just 19 and has crafted his culinary career over the years for many hotels, catering companies and restaurants and now heads up The Peel Aldergate and Christopher’s alongside his wife Pauline (whom he met back at The Moor Hall Hotel).

Proprietor – Head Chef , Chris can usually be found in his whites in the kitchen carefully crafting the next dish on the menu.

Favourite room at the Peel Aldergate:

The Bridal Suite

Favourite meal at Christopher's:

The Sunday Lunch



Following in her parents footsteps, Sarah also started off her career in hospitality from a very young age and often “helped out” in the hotel and restaurant as a young girl.

As a creative and natural designer, Sarah went to university to cure her love for art and graduated in Glass Art and Design but soon realised her real ‘calling’ was in the hotel and catering trade and back home with the family business.

Mixing creativity, design and her experiences in hospitality, Sarah ‘heads up’ The Peel Aldergate as General Manager and works closely with her family to ensure everything runs “beautifully” and practically.

Favourite room at the Peel Aldergate:

The Family Room

Favourite meal at Christopher's:

Taglietelle with mushrooms